We offer networking products from access layar to data center in Nepal.

With more applications (voice, video, data) being added every day.The data has to be centralized and conversed. To fulfill current and future requirements, we help you to focus on building high performance, simplified and flexible networks.This will allow us to focus on rolling out new services rather than analyzing infrastructure readiness every time a need arises. 


We follow validated design to our customers to balance performance, security and cost.We partner with multinational companies like Cisco SystemsJuniper NetworksFortinetBarracuda Networks , Huawei etc. to deliver best of the breed solution for Nepal IT market.We might as well via our quality maintenance aspire to be remembered for establishing Cisco enterprise design culture in Nepal.


Below are some of the products and solution that we offer to our customers 







Application Delivery Controllers 

IP Telephony 

Video Conference

Web Application Firewall 

Email Security Gateway